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AIMVM is a privately held, limited company located at New Zealand. Need the best server backed with great support team? Come to us!

AimVM Limited (“The Company”) agrees to furnish services to the Subscriber, subject to the following TOS (Terms of Service).

Collected Information

When you sign up for service with AimVM Web Hosting, we collect personal information from you including your name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card or other payment information and a password.

We may also collect the URL from which you linked into our site, your IP address, and your browser type and version.

We also, as a manner of course, collect information from you which is required to establish and maintain an account with us, some of which may be personally identifiable, depending on your needs and the needs of your hosted data.

Use of Customer Information

Customer privacy is something we take very seriously at AimVM. With the exception of trusted business affiliates and/or associates who work on behalf of or in connection with AimVM, AimVM will not provide or sell to any third party your personal information and will keep all such data confidential.

Customers may review and alter the contact information associated with their AimVM account(s) at client area at

AimVM’s primary business operations are located in the state of Auckland in the New Zealand. However, we do have servers located at US and Canada. As such, AimVM is subject to obey the laws of these jurisdictions and may be called upon by various law enforcement agencies to comply with ongoing investigations. Compliance may include the secure handover of customer data to a legally-authorized government agency.

When permitted by law AimVM will disclose to any customer that is the subject of a government investigation and any data requests pertaining to customer’s personally identifiable information and/or hosted data.

Changes to AimVM’s privacy policy will be communicated to customers via AimVM’s monthly customer newsletter. Customers who elect to opt-out of receiving this newsletter will not receive notifications of changes to the privacy policy. All changes, once posted publicly to, shall take effect immediately across AimVM’s entire customer base.

Whois Privacy Services

Please note that the contact information that you provide to us is used to register your domain name and is, by the very nature of the domain registration system, available for public viewing in many places on the Internet via the use of the ‘whois’ tool.

Whois Privacy, which masks your whois contact information via proxy, as offered by AimVM does not act as a shield from legal liability in conjunction with Domain Registration. In order to preserve neutrality in disputes between 3rd parties and domain registrants, AimVM will act in accordance with ICANN Registrar Accreditation agreement section upon receipt of actionable evidence of illegal activity. This means that identifying information will be provided to law enforcement and officials of the court including attorneys as situations require in order to preserve AimVM’s neutrality in any litigation.


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At AIMVM we focus on providing best in class Virtual Private Servers at an affordable price. Even though we are new, we have a 24/7 Technical Support Team whom you can contact 24/7/365. We have our servers in Industry leading Data centers to make sure that your server and sites are online 24/7.

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