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Unable to connect to xend: No such file or directory. Is xend running?

Posted on: August 18, 2015

Sometimes while working on a xen virtualized platform you might encounter an error:

xm create /etc/xen/conf/404.cfg
Using config file “/etc/xen/conf/404.cfg”
Error unable to connect to xen : No such file or directory. Is xend running?

Fatal: Virtual machine has not been started on hypervisor
Executing Rollback…

As the first troubleshooting step you should check whether service xend is running on the server as the error message suggests.

From terminal run:

service xend status

If service is not running please make sure it is running. You can start the xend service by executing.

service xend start

Sometime you might see the error:

Your host machine is running on a “non-Xen” kernel.

To troubleshoot the above first check the current kernal and its version.

From terminal run:

uname -a

You should see something like the below.

Linux bucketbox #1 SMP Thu Nov 14 13:49:56 EST 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

If you are not on standard xen kernal then check what are the available xen kernals on the server.

rpm -qa kernel*

Now either update your current kernal or change the kernal version to the available of that of xen.

To change the kernal you need to the following steps.

Open /etc/grub.conf

Make necessary changes to change the default kernal.

Finally reboot the server. The issue should be fixed.




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