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How to use the traceroute command?

Posted on: August 15, 2014

The TRACERT (Trace Route) command is a route-tracing utility used to determine the path that an IP packet has taken to reach a destination. If your sites are loading slow you can use this tool to find if there are any latency issues.


1.  In your computer, click on the start button and search “run” or Just do (windows+r).

2.  In the box type “cmd”  to open your cmd prompt.


3. Now a black screen will appear.  Now you can execute tracert command. just type tracert and enter.

cmd prompt

4. Once the tracert completes copy the entire text and paste to your clipboard. You can paste it directly in the support ticket.


Linux users can run the traceroute command in the terminal just do a (ctrl+alt+t) to open a new terminal. Steps are same as above but the only difference is that its traceroute in Linux not tracert.

Screenshot from 2014-08-15 08#3a09#3a55







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