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How to use Easyapache feature?

Posted on: September 2, 2014

This lesson will teach you on how to use EasyApache from WHM. EasyApache is a utility to recompile the PHP or Apache configuration. EasyApache comes along with cPanel/WHM installation as default and it is mainly used to add/remove extensions and modules on the server. EasyApache can be accessed from the backend also using the CLI script /scripts/easyapache. This tutorial will explain its web based GUI. You can access this utility from WHM >> EasyApache

Here is how you may use this utility.

1) Login to your server WHM and search ‘easyapache’ in the search area. When the EasyApache is displayed please click on it.

2) Click on start customizing based on profile option.

3) You will be keeping the same apache version so click on the option ‘Next step’ ( it should always be the default one selected) 

4) Now the PHP versions available on the server will be displayed and the current version will be selected as default. If you want to downgrade/upgrade the PHP version you can do it here, else click on ‘Next step’.

5) A new page will appear with options to compile with. You make the selection as required using the Radia button and after that select the option ‘Exhaustive Options List‘.

6) Now all the modules that are available should be displayed and you can select those you wanted to enable on the server. After selecting the required modules, click on the option ‘Save and Build‘. You will be asked to confirm your action on a pop up window where you need to select ‘Yes‘ and ‘I understand‘ option.

7) Once the rebuild is started you should not close stop it as it can cause severe damages also the rebuild page should not be closed or navigated away.

8) The build process will start within seconds and it may take around 45 minutes to finish. The build process can be seen on the screen. Leave the build page as it is till the compilation process finishes.

9) Once the build process is completed you can see the optin to Configure Suexec and PHP‘ the default one is recommended. 

10) Finally you have to select the option Save New Configuration‘ as this will save it as last build.

11) If you encounter any issues during the compilation process please contact our support department along with the error message displayed.



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