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How to upgrade PHP on the server?

Posted on: October 10, 2014

This lesson will teach you on how to update PHP to a higher version on your server.

The cPanel provides you a great tool to upgrade PHP and Apache called ‘Easyapache’ a feature that can be accessed both via WHM GUI and from the server backend. However it is generally advised to run it via server backend and the EasyApache must be run on a separate screen session( a screen session is a feature on linux machines which allows you to continue the work/process you have initiated on the server even if have disconnected from the server due to network issues) .


1) Access the server via SSH.

2) Open a new screen session by executing the ‘screen’ command.


3) Execute the command ‘/scripts/easyapache’


4) Now the Easy apache feature will be opened, first you will see the option to upgrade Apache. Skip it to go to the next page.


5) Now you’ll see the option to upgrade the PHP. Select the radia button for the version of the PHP you want on the server.


6) Go to the next page and you will see the option ‘save and build’ hit on it.


7) It will ask the confirmation and acknowledgement. Hit on ‘Yes’ and hit on “I understand’.



8) Now the compilation process starts as you can see on the screen.


It will take around 30 minutes to complete the recompilation, please note that time depends on various factors. Please avoid making any changes during the recompilation process, it is advised to leave it as it is till you see the ‘Build complete’ message as shown below.


Once the build is complete, you can change the PHP settings on the server and if you run into any trouble please open a support ticket with us.

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