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How to set auto scan for incoming and outgoing emails from plesk panel?

Posted on: November 7, 2014

This lesson will teach you on how to set auto scan for incoming and outgoing mails.

By default Parallel plesk uses the built in anti virus program known as ‘Parallels Premium Antivirus’. The Plesk AntiVirus provides around the clock protection with multiple updates per hour during the times of an outbreak.

How to enable the auto scan feature for mails on the plesk panel?


1) Login to the plesk control panel.


2) Go to Tools and settings under the section Server Management.


3) Under the mails section, select ‘Mail Server Settings’.


4) Now the server wide mail settings will be displayed. Go to the ‘Antivirus’ section.


5) Select the appropriate option you want and click on ‘OK’.


If you encounter any issues, feel free to open a support ticket with us.

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