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How to optimize your website?

Posted on: November 1, 2014

This lesson will teach you on how to optimize your website contents.

To optimize the contents first we need to enable necessary modules on the server.

1) Mod_deflate(provides the DEFLATE output filter that allows output from the Webserver to be compressed before being sent to the client)

2) GZIP(webserver to send the GZIP compressed header to clients)


How to enable these modules on the server?


1) Login to the server via SSH.

2) Start a new screen session by simply entering the command ‘screen’.

3) Run easyapache.

3a. /scripts/easyapache



3b. Select customize profile



3c. Select the module ‘Deflate’ and go to next step.



3d. Select ‘yes’ when asked for build confirmation.





3e. Please acknowledge the build.




You will see the compilation starts in no time.



Once the compilation is completed do the following.

4) Login to the cPanel.

5) Go to Software/Services and select ‘optimize website’.



The below screen will appear.



6) Select compress all contents.

You can select ‘Compress All Content’ option unless there are specific items you wish to compress under the MIME types. Please note that only downside of this operation is that it will compress images also so that the quality of the image can go down. In that case you need to re-upload the images to the server.





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