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How to login to the server via SSH?

Posted on: August 13, 2014

This Blog will teach you about how to login to your VPS and cPanel account via SSH.

If you are connecting from a windows machine you need to download and install putty software as a prerequisite( But for the Linux users you can connect directly from their terminal, just do a (ctrl+alt+t).

Now lets get the ball rolling!


1. Open the putty application/terminal.


2. Enter the Hostname/IP address of the server( You can get these information from the welcome email)

Linux users can run the command “ssh root@serveripaddress/hostname” from the terminal.


Please note that the default SSH port is 22, if it is changed add -p(portnumber)
Example: ssh root@ -p1891

3. Once you hit open you will be prompted with a window to accept the certificate. Hit accept and save.

4. Now a blackscreen will appear asking the username and password. Enter the username and password mentioned in the welcome email email.


5. You should be logged in now.



For accessing the cPanel account via ssh first you need to enable shell access for that particular account from WHM (WHM  >> List accounts  >> Modify Account  >> Enable Shell Access).  The steps are same as the above but the username and password to fill up will be that of the cPanel account.



If you encounter any issues, feel free to submit a ticket with our support department.

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