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How to generate a remote FTP backup of your cPanel account?

Posted on: October 13, 2014

This lesson will teach you on generating a remote FTP backup of your cPanel account.


1) Login to the cPanel account.

2) Open ‘Backups’ in the ‘Files” menu.


3) Click on the option ‘Download or generate a full website backup’.


4) It will open a new page as shown below.


5) From the drop down menu, select the option ‘Remote FTP’.


6) Fill up the details as mentioned below.

1) The email address should be given so that you will be emailed when the backup is generated on the remote server.

2) Remote server should be the IP address of a panel installed server where you want the backup to be transferred.

3) The username should a valid cPanel username on the remote server. The backup will be placed in its home directory.

4) The password for the username on the remote server.

5) You can specify the port number as ’21’.

6) The backup location should be the home directory of the account on the remote server, that is /home/username.


7) Click on ‘Generate backup’.

8) When the backup is generated you will be informed on the email address you have specified during this operation.

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