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How to filter incoming emails in your cPanel account?

Posted on: October 20, 2014

There are two features available on cPanel for filtering incoming emails and they are:

1) Account level filtering

2) User level filtering.

Account level filtering is applicable for the entire account, while the user level filtering is done for individual email accounts. The account level filtering rules will get the priority over user level filtering rules. In this example, I am showing how to use user level filtering for emails accounts.


1) Login to your cPanel account.

2) Go to ‘User level filtering’ under mail section.


3) Select the mail account on which the filtering rule to be added.



4) Select ‘Create a new filter’.



5) Now here you are going to add the rule, you can create custom rule for each and every email account. You can name the rule as well.


6) Finally, click on the ‘create’ button.

Now you have learned how to add filters on email accounts.

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