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How to enable CageFS on your cPanel account?

Posted on: October 15, 2014

This lesson will teach you on how to install and enable CageFS on the server.

CageFS is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own ‘cage’.  This system will allow each user to have their own functional cageFS with safe binaries in it.

First of all you need to install CageFS on the server. You may do it by following the below given instructions:

1) Access the server via SSH.

2) yum install cagefs  (This will install CageFS on the server)

3) /usr/sbin/cagefsctlinit (This will create skeleton directory that might be around 7GB in size)

4) Open WHM >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup -> Basic Config -> Additional home directories.

Here change the radia button from default /home to blank.


You will be placing the skeleton in /home directory, if the above changes weren’t made then cPanel will create new accounts in incorrect places.

The CageFS will automatically detect and configure all necessary files. Now we need to enable it for the users on the server.


1) Login to WHM.

2) Open Plugins  << CageFS.

3) Here you can add users with CageFS privilege.



Add users by clicking the ‘<<‘ button.

Once completed, hit on update CageFS Skeleton option.

Now you have enabled CageFS on the server.



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