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How to complete WHM initial setup?

Posted on: August 20, 2014

This lesson will teach you on the initial set up of WHM. When you log into your WHM for the first time, you will see Initial setup wizard. This feature will help you to configure your server in a few easy steps.


Access the WHM, you can access the WHM using the URL http://serveripaddress:2086

Enter the username “root” and the server password.

You can find the login details from the welcome email we have sent you.


Now a License agreement page will be displayed. Please read the license agreement and click on “I agree” it will take you to the next step.

Network setup

In the “Contact Email address field” enter your email address so that all the server issues ,warnings and changes will be mailed to that address.

In the “Hostname” field enter your server’s hostname. Please note that you have to give an FQDN(fully qualified domain name) that is there should be three dots in the hostname. example


Resolvers are located with ISP or institutional networks that are used to respond to a user request to resolve a  domain name. If they are not already filled in, please use and

The Main Network/Ethernet Device will be already selected.  Now you can save and go to the next step.

IP Addresses

This step will allow you to add the IP address. Under normal case the assigned IP address will be already selected and you can proceed to the next step. If you wish to skip this step and select the option “Use default settings”


Select the nameserver software you want to use, the most recommended software is Bind, it will be selected as default.

Now add the nameserver domain for your VPS.

1. enter the first nameserver

The most used naming convention is and, where should be added on the server.

2. Enter the second nameserver.

You must add A entries for your nameservers and hostnames. A entries are records on your server that resolve domain names into their corresponding IP addresses.


This will allow you to configure the services you and your clients will be able to use on the server.  All the serverices such as FTP, mail server can be manually set up here however the default select will be adequate and you can proceed to the next step.

Quotas Setup

This is the last step of the WHM initial setup and this section will allow you to setup the quota for the accounts on the server. If you are not planning to have multiple accounts, you may not enable the quotas. This will be very useful to find how much data is a user is consuming and you can set up the limits for each user. You can increase the limit later when it required.

To set up quotas:

Select “Use filesystem quotas”

Now you have finished the initial setup and the wizard will take you to the WHM homepage. You can navigate between the each steps you have already completed for checking it again.










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