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How to access the Web Disk feature in cPanel?

Posted on: October 3, 2014

This lesson will teach you on how to enable web disk in cPanel.

The web disk feature in cPanel is an interface that will allow you to access your account files just like accessing files from a drive on your personal computer.


1) Login in to your cPanel account.

2) Go to the ‘Files’ section and you can see the option ‘web disk’.


3) You need to create a new web disk account on the cPanel first.

4) Create one for the account, enter username and password.


5) Once it is created, you can hit on the option ‘Access web disk’


6) Here you can select your operating system.

7) It will download an executable file, Click the Save button.

8) Run the executable file you have downloaded, you can see the web disk icon after that.


Now you can access your account files right from your computer without needing to login to cPanel each and every time.

Please not that web disk option is not supported to the latest windows operating system and it will only work on 32 bit operating systems.



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