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How to access SFTP?

Posted on: August 26, 2014

This lesson will teach on how to connect to server via SFTP. SFTP is the secure implementation of FTP where encryption is used.

You must first enable the shell access privilege for the account on the server you can access via SFTP. Here is how you can do it.


1) Enable SSH access to the account on the server you want to access via SFTP. You can enable it from WHM » List Accounts >> Modify Account


2) Open the FTP client. We suggest using using FileZilla.

3) When the Filezilla open up, enter the IP address sftp://ipaddress or the domain name s in the hostname field. You will require to select the option for connecting via sftp instead of normal ftp.

4) The username and password are the same as your login details for cPanel.

5) The port number is 22, the default port is 21 but the SFTP will use 22.


6) If you are connecting for the first time, a new window will appear and ask if you want to save the certificate. Click on ‘Yes’

7) You should be logged in now.


If there are any issues in connecting, please open a support ticket with us.






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