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Getting started with website panel

Posted on: March 16, 2015

This tutorial will take you through the initial steps of setting up website panel on your server.  Once the website panel is installed on your VPS you need to do the initial setup in the below mentioned order.

1. Create hosting plan.

2. Create customer.

3. Create hosting space.

4. Create domain.

Create hosting plan

1) Log into the website panel.

2) Go to account menu and click on Hosting plan.



Give necessary details such as Plan name, description and check the checkboxes according to resources you want to assign with the plan. You can also set/modify the quotas for resources as per requirement.


Once Hosting plan is created, you need to create Customers and assign Hosting plan to them.

Create customer

1) Go to account menu.

2) Select create customer.



Give necessary details as shown below and click on Create button.

Create Hosting Space

1) Go to account menu.

2) under created customer click on create hosting space.


Select the plan you want to assign to Customer from Hosting Plan drop down menu and click on Create Space button.


Create domain

1) Go to account menu

2) Select domains option form the list.



Select the Domain name and select the checkboxes as per your requirement after that click on Add Domain button.

Now that you have added the domain, you can use the file manager option to upload files to your account.



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